Inspire Church embraces Jesus' commission to his disciples to bring the gospel to the whole world. As such, we strategically partner missionaries locally and globally.

When you give an undesignated missions offering it allows ic to continue our strategic partnerships.

Mission Organizations - click for link to websites

Assemblies of God World Missions

Youth With A Mission

South Indian Outreach


Berly & Jamie Bello; Dominican Republic website  email: jamie.bello@agmd.org


Michael & Dawn Marie Helin; IMM Spain website  email: michael.helin@agmd.org

Glen & Dana Johnsen; Belgium website  email: glen.johnsen@agmd.org

Randy & Colleen Martin; Indonesia website  email: randy.martin@agmd.org

John & Nancy LeCossec; France website  email: john.lecossec@agmd.org

Denise Geesey; US Missions to Children website  email: denisegeesey@ahandtobuild.com

Everett McKinney; Singapore website  email: everett.mckinney@agmd.org

John & Elaine Allegretto; YWAM website  email: mailto:jallegretto@ywamtyler.org

Jessie Owens; Global Renewal/Teen Challenge website  email: renew@global-renewal.org